Reptile Road Mortality originated from a virtual group created on Facebook in August 2011. It was initially a group created on a whim thatunintentionally received a lot of attention, and starting in 2012, became  an official citizen science project named the “Taiwan Roadkill Observation Network” (TaiRON). At first the group focused on recording only reptile roadkill observations, but members soon reached a consensus to gradually  include all terrestrial vertebrates, including mammals, birds and amphibians, and even expanded to invertebrate land crabs. Many participants could not bear to see unfortunate wild animals just dead and exposed on roads. They hoped that these animals could die with dignity and make the most of their lives, thus it was an initiative that encouraged collection and sending of carcasses to be preserved at the Taiwan Endemic Species Research Institue began in 2012. Not all of the wildlife dead on roads or by roadside are killed by cars. It could also be due to other causes, such as infection, pesticide or rat poison, contamination of heavy metal, fatal attack from stray cats or dogs, human attack, wildlife poaching, flying into windows or electric poles, etc. Those are phenomena directly or indirectly caused by human, so they also worth more attention and mitigation. Therefore, Reptile Road Mortality includes records  from all road death phenomena (wild animals dead on roads or by roadside; not limited to car accidents). Besides roadkill, our issues of concern and projects are have gradually increased, incuding the monitoring of rabies, monitoring of agricultural poisons, monitoring of environmental heavy metals, windowkill, exotic species (influences on wild animals), etc.

We appreciate all forms of support. In the light of unfortunate conditions, our project provides a database for the accumulation of high quality information and preservation of all kinds of specimens quickly. The project frequently and gets attention from the media with reports of many articles and documentaries.We also publish promotional articles and attend international conferences to spread our message and introduce others to our project. In order to make it convenient for  the public to learn about Reptile Road Mortality, we display all of the related achievements here, including our searchable roadkill database, roadkill data visualization, promotional articles, academic reports, news reports, members’ honor roll of contributions, etc. You are welcome to peruse our website and inform us of issues or phenomena we have not discovered. Let’s seek solutions together and make Taiwan safe for its unique wildlife.